WASCOP launches 2018 campaign to promote benefits of living free from substance abuse

Crime stats show that, while arrests involving alcohol are decreasing, those involving marijuana and other drugs are on the rise

WYOMING, March 5, 2018– In response to a statewide surge in the number of arrests involving drugs, the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police (WASCOP) announced today that it is launching a statewide awareness campaign to promote the benefits of living free from substance abuse.

“The vast majority of people in Wyoming have made the choice to live drug-free lives,” explained Rhea Parsons, director of the WASCOP – There is No Debate campaign. “Sadly, the number of arrests for impaired driving and criminal activities involving drugs has risen in recent years and something needs to be done to reverse this trend.”

Based upon WASCOP’S compiled crime statistics, which were reported in the Alcohol and Crime in Wyoming in 2016:

  • Following a six-year trend, alcohol-involved arrests in 2016 were 4,545 fewer in number (a 33 percent decrease) than in 2010.
  • Drug-involved arrests in 2016 were 1,437 more in number (an 80 percent increase) than in 2010.
  • The number of meth-involved arrests has increased each year since 2010 and has more than doubled during the last three years. There were 1,346 meth-involved arrests in 2016 (311 more than in 2015).

WASCOP established the There is No Debate Marijuana Community Awareness campaign to help educate residents and others about the harms that marijuana causes people and communities throughout the state. The communications campaign launched by the WASCOP includes billboards, radio spots, theater ads, social media, and print materials distributed across the state.

The There is No Debate campaign is funded by the Daniels Fund – — a private foundation established by cable television pioneer Bill Daniels that provides grants and college scholarships in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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