Leaders Gather for Northeast Wyoming Prevention Summit

Top community, education, law enforcement and prevention leaders from across Wyoming are invited to the Northeast Wyoming Prevention Summit, September 18, at the Gillette College Technical Education Center. Top national and local speakers will empower and equip participants with information on substance abuse prevention. Speakers include:

Ben Cort, a nationally-recognized speaker on marijuana and addiction. He is the author of Weed, Inc., which explores the financial side of the marijuana industry. He works with professional athletes to help them overcome addiction issues.

Erasmo Carrizosa – with 27 years of experience in law enforcement, including narcotics and fraud investigations involving drug cartels, Erasmo offers insights into law enforcement issues involving illegal drugs. He is the Deputy Director of the Emerging Threat Initiative.

Bruce King is the Deputy Director for Research Translation in the Office of Smoking and Health. He will speak on the important topic of the risks and impact of the growing trend among youth who use vapes.

Chris and Sheryl Santistevan, who live in Gillette, will offer a moving testimony on the impact of impaired driving.

Students for Change will offer tools and resources for educators and community leaders seeking to empower youth to create change in their communities through activism and advocacy.