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Stop ignoring the brutal downside of legalizing pot

The Parent Teacher Association, local health officials and pediatricians are pushing back against efforts to legalize marijuana in New York, warning about the permanent damage to youngsters’ brains caused by weed. If you have children, trust the PTA, not the pols. Read More…

Feel free to share these graphics on your social media sites as long as they are not changed in any way. We are grateful to you for helping protect youth and communities from the harms of marijuana.

Daily Marijuana use of high-potency weed linked to psychosis

(National Public Radio) – Weed use is taking off as more states move to legalize it. And with all the buzz over medical marijuana, it’s starting to gain an aura of healthfulness. But there are some serious health risks associated with frequent use. One of the more troubling ones is the risk of having a […]

Former investigative reporter links marijuana to mental illness

(Colorado Politics) – Alex Berenson didn’t return to Colorado to argue for pot prohibition, but people who think marijuana is medicine and a safe alternative to alcohol are fooling themselves, he said. The industry’s money and political influence, along with the media’s acquiescence, have obscured the scientific links between marijuana and mental illness, said the […]

Wyoming Youth Coalitions equip young people to promote positive behaviors

Wyoming Youth Coalitions Overview Wyoming Youth Coalitions Grant Application The Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police (WASCOP) is announcing the launch of a grant application process seeking to identify an adult leader to oversee a Wyoming Youth Coalition in each county of our state. The goal of establishing Wyoming Youth Coalitions is to […]