Ben Cort, who traveled Wyoming educating the public on marijuana, gains national attention with new TedX video

  In 2012, Colorado legalized cannabis and launched an industry with every product imaginable — brownies, gummy bears, granola bars, energy drinks, vapes, and more.  According to Ben Cort, to say that the state “legalized cannabis” is mistaken — rather it  commercialized THC, a powerful drug that affects the mental and physical health of users. In […]

Report Reveals Steep Increase in Marijuana Use in Colorado Following Legalization

A 2017 report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, a federally-supported task force that provides data about drug use in Colorado, Wyoming, and other western states, reported that youth marijuana use in Colorado increased by 20 percent in 2013-2014, following the drug being legalized in 2012. The report also showed that Colorado […]

WASCOP Partners with Campbell Country Prevention Coalition at September event

Nearly 100 young people gathered in Gillette in September for a workshop designed to equip them with tools to further realize their natural leadership abilities, to set ambitious goals for their lives, and to make positive choices to achieve them. The keynote speaker was Monte Stiles, a 28-year veteran as a state and federal prosecutor, […]

Sublette Sheriffs Share Concerns About Permissive Attitude Toward Pot

Wyoming youth are bombarded with positive messaging about marijuana through music, games, peers, and social media. Members of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police (WASCOP) see the negative impact of drug abuse nearly every day and recognizes that more needs to be done to make Wyoming residents aware of how marijuana is harming […]

WASCOP partners with Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UW for panel discussion on marijuana

LARAMIE — One dollar invested in tobacco stocks in 1900 would be worth $6.2 million today. With cigarettes responsible for an estimated 480,000 deaths each year, would the profit gained from investing in the product be worth the loss of life? Students participating in a panel discussion on Nov. 20 sponsored by the Daniels Fund […]