#WYAMPLIFY empowers Wyoming youth to promote healthy choices

Through #WYAMPLIFY, Wyoming youth will be encouraged to create videos, music, photos, posters, billboards, radio spots, and other communications that would be broadcast across the state through traditional media and social media outlets. We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with – the powerful social media platform operated by the Casper Star Tribune – as a key partner in broadcastng messages created by students in the program.

Other #WYAMPLIFY activities include:
• Working with the DARE program or with local prevention groups, students would be encouraged to plan an all-school assembly to share their messages with the greater community.
• Students would also be encouraged to lead volunteer service projects to help others in the community.
• Students would also be encouraged to partner with local sports organizations, military recruiters, and others to bring a climbing wall to the school, or to set up obstacle courses, bike rides, hikes, mountain biking and other healthy activities.

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